Green clean your home or commercial space

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Book a time that works for you using our online booking tool or email our office.

We don’t cut corners with the use of harsh chemicals and only use products that are natural, environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pets. It takes a little more effort but we feel you’re worth it!

Service Details

We offer a variety of fixed rate and hourly services to meet your needs:

  • General Clean for a place professionally cleaned last month
  • Deluxe Clean for a place needing something extra special
  • Moving Clean for a vacant place you’re moving to / from
  • Tailored Clean for a client set task list
  • Ladybug Steam Clean for medical grade and severe allergy sufferers
  • Commercial Clean for any type of workspace

Discounts offered for regularly scheduled services:

  • Daily 20%
  • Weekly 15%
  • Bi-weekly 10%
  • Monthly 5%
Arrival Times

We will typically provide a one hour block for an arrival time to accommodate scheduling uncertainties.

Equipment & Supplies

We provide all our own supplies. If you have any special requests or would prefer we use your equipment, please let us know prior to any scheduled appointment.

Additional Services

We are happy to provide additional services but we try to plan to meet your expectations so let us know prior to any scheduled appointment.


If you are unhappy with your service, please let us know within 24 hours and will come back and fix it.  If you are still unhappy for any reason we will issue you a credit for future work.


All keys provided to us for access will be held in a safe with a unique ID when your place is not being cleaned.


Please ensure alarms are off when we enter your home or provide us with a unique access code for us to disable on arrival and enable on departure.


Our Employees are contractually prevented from working privately for our Clients.  Any clients soliciting our Employees for private work will be charged a solicitation fee of $3,500.


We take your privacy seriously and require all Employees maintain confidentiality.


Our Employees are unable to move objects weighing more than 25lbs. If we need to clean behind your fridge or behind heavy furniture items please move them prior to arrival. Our Employees will bring a ladder or extension pole where requested. Our Employees do not handle hazardous chemicals, bio-hazards or animal waste. We also require you lock firearms away.


We take great care in your place and understand that responsibility but sometimes accidents happen. For antiques, hard-to-replace or one-off items we recommend they’re stored in a safe location or you let us know to avoid certain items / areas. We cannot be liable for items not stored safely. Please let us know within 24 hours of the service of any breakages.


Credit cards details are required to secure an appointment and payment is due upon completion of service.  Credit card information is stored safely and securely in  Our maidens can accept cash or check placed in an envelope on the kitchen counter.

Tipping is not required or expected but always greatly appreciated.


When we take your reservation that is a special spot we save for you and we turn others away. For cancelations or changes in schedule we require 24 hours’ notice otherwise a cancelation fee of $70 will apply. This will also apply in the event our maidens are unable to gain access to your place.